We Are IN LOVE!!!

We are a bit old-school couple in romance. For us, love comes softly and yes, surely. A couple of weeks before June 27, 2004, Wai Tun declared his love for me and requested for the courtship with the marriage plan in seven years. On that beautiful Sunday of the 27th of June, 2004, I returned my love through a letter I gave him in person.  we walking around the compound. Once we arrived in front of the University’s landmark, Convocation Hall, his request to hold my hand for the first time came this way. “Pls let me. From now on, we are hand in hand!” His words came slowly and softly, and in English. But, I hear it very well and clearly. I smiled at him and gave my hand with a great delight. He took it and held it in his palm gently but, firmly. Yes, since then, I have never felt alone. And, through ups and downs, I always have someone who will walk me through together while holding my hand firmly. Yes, starting from the day of the 27th June of 2004, we officially became the other half of each other. Now, we are counting down to celebrate our eight year anniversary together. 🙂