by letsgohandinhand

It was on the 18th November, 2010. I was on my semester away working as an intern with ILO in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. My boyfriend flied from Dubai to end our four-year long melancholy physical separation. It was a very emotional reunion – I remembered on the way from the airport to my room, we could not take eyes and hands off from each other. The feeling was so intense and amazing. As soon as we got settled in my rented room, my boyfriend dropped one knee down and proposed me  I wrote my excitement over his proposal, and announced our plan to hold the engagement ceremony in our native village, Monywe, on 27th December, 2010, which is our six and half year anniversary of our relationship, to our friends through my facebook post.

“Happiest girl in the wrld. Got proposed by her beloved Wai Tun on the 1st evening of our reunion. the 101th proposal of his – I said ‘yes’. Of course, the “101th YES” to him. 😀 Set to get engaged on Dec 27 (on the 6th & half anniversary of our relationship) at our beloved village, Monywe. We thank friends who help us & shape us in mny ways to b better persons & support our long lasting relationship & reunion.”

(The pic we got – my fiance, proposing me, was, during our trip to Siem Reap later that month, we were touring around Angkor temple and area. At the top of a temple inside the Bayon temple compound, Mg, my fiance, set the camera timer to get a self couple picture. And, instead of standing next to me, he dropped one knee again.  Next second, we heard the camera click sound. We got this pic I still look in my awe. That is so sweet, isn’t it? )