Wedding Planning I

by letsgohandinhand

Looking For A Perfect Dress

My fiance and I are fancying the idea about getting married soon. We could not set the date and place yet.  I’m just a recent graduate and trying to get some job in the United States. And, my fiance is still in Dubai and struggling for his life there. So, we could not afford for a wedding and marriage life yet. At this point – what we are for sure about our wedding is two things – 1.) we want no gifts from the guests because most of the guests will be from our village – we don’t want them feel any burden for the gifts, and 2.) we want just a small and intimate wedding with our family members and close friends. Of course, we want to make it beautiful and romantic. My dreamed wedding is just a cute vintage wedding mixed with the ascents of some Burmese traditions. That is just all about we are brainstorming but we have no idea how it will come out yet. Nevertheless, it does not stop us checking some beautiful dress for me.  If we could make it back in our village in Myanmar, we will just wear some cute traditional dress. Since we are not sure where we will do it, my fiance also urges me to check some wedding grown and he is more into it more than I do, and he has been sending all the links of the beautiful dresses. For the wedding grown, I want a bit more simple, conservative and vintage style one – high neck, long or quarter sleeves, and of course, the one which is not expensive at all. Here are some dress pictures we have looked at and I like them (just the pics – not the price tags they come with. ) 😀