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Month: November, 2011

Wedding Planning III

Wedding Dress Try-On

The first time trying “the” dress and getting the self pics for the will-be bridegroom who lives in Dubai when the delivery arrived.

We could not even set the date or decide the place yet. But, the dress is too beautiful not to start working on the wedding plan. 😀 I’m super excited – wish I could share this excitement with my family. I’m still away from them.

Anyway – the wedding plan should be followed up. I can’t wait to start on the plan.


Wedding Planning II

My Best Birthday Present EVER

See what I got today. Two days short to my birthday. I found a package delivered. I knew it would be my birthday present from my fiance. He has told me to expect the arrival of a package. What I did not know is what would be inside. Yes – it is a surprised present. When I opened the package, I found there was nothing other than a grown. Yes, ‘the’ wedding grown. And, it is such a beautiful one. Since a few days ago, we have already checked several sites for the dress. He found that one and gave me the link to see how I think. That was exactly what I was looking for. The price is also reasonable. So, I told him – “oh – yeah. That’s perfect.” However, the grown has a long train and I don’t want it. So, I even mentioned him – if we decided to order that one one day, I might need to request to cut the train out and to make the length a bit shorter. What I did not expect is he would order it right away as we have yet to decide the date or place for our wedding. We both are so into getting married and miss each other so much for having a long distant relationship for many years. However,  we are just a bit concerned for the expenses and we (me, still in the United States and my fiance, in Dubai) could not go back home right now to hold our nuptials. If we hold it in some other place, our parents would not be able to make it. But, I just can’t wait to be with the one I love and to start our live together.  You should start hearing wedding bells – this time is from us. 🙂