Virtual Shopping

by letsgohandinhand

Since the sales season of Dubai ends before I arrive there, I have been up late these days and doing a virtual shopping with my fiance who’s been busy apartment hunting, and household and kitchenware shopping. Many newly wed or soon-to-be-wed couples woulddo it while holding hands of their beloveds. For him, he has to do it while holding a phone and taking pictures so that I can also see and we can compare prices and check the capacity we would need. Even at this awkward situation, he stays upbeat – saying his experience – “willoo yay, it is so incredible, isn’t it?” Here is a pic of a room he is looking at and a pic of some Turkish plates he sent since I like patterned ceramics.

Indeed, we have more fun than we thought and things have been going well except one thing – the other day he found one apartment nice with a reasonable rental fee rate – he wanted me to see it before he decided to take. He waited until I arrived back from work and plus the time difference – it took longer than the agent could wait and gave it to another one. So, I told him – we missed it b’coz we are meant to get a nicer one with a cheaper rate. He says – “Oh Yeah. That’s right.” 😀