Wedding Planning VIIII

by letsgohandinhand

My last day in the United States. I was about to begin a journey to a new chapter of my life. Cora, who is my amazing host family during my stay in Washington D.C, took me this picture – in front of the house before she drove me off at the bus stop. My next stop is New York city. From there, I would catch the flight at JFK airport leaving for Munich and to my final destination, Cairo. I were excited to be united with my fiance and start a together life after years of separation, and, at the same time, feel a bit emotional  to leave this beautiful country and to say goodbyes to all the amazing friends I made during my five years stay.

In two days, the moment we have been counting down for the last seven and half years for will be there. For now, I would like to thank everyone of my friends for their great help and their amazing support throughout my life. Without them, I won’t ever be here. I know for sure I will see you all again, and at that time, I will bring one more friend to you who is my husband. How does that sound? 🙂