Wedding in Egypt

by letsgohandinhand

Why in Egypt?  That is the first question our friends ask when they first heard we are getting married in Cairo.

My fiance and I have been brainstorming wedding ideas since last summer how we could make our special day beautiful, simple, and intimate. As we both could not go back to our country anytime soon, we decided to get wed at some place and put the family celebration on hold till we both can go back home. It is the only way I could join Mg, my fiance, to Dubai where laws require only married couples can coexist.

Of course, if possible, we would like to perform our wedding in a country beautiful and culturally rich. Some countries, like Greece which is our dreamed wedding place, require us to go to great lengths for the visa process and marriage legalization. Travel expense is also another constraint we have to think about in our consideration for a wedding place.

One day, mg told me about a documentary of the Great Pyramid in Giza he just watched. He said about the pyramids’ unbelievable and mysterious amazing construction techniques and structure design theories. One fact which had fascinated me most was all those more than 2 million pieces of stones used in building the pyramid vary in shapes and sizes. Despite of that, the upper chamber (King’s chamber) which is the core part of the Pyramid, is perfectly horizontal and vertical, and the outer surfaces are perfectly triangular; when you look the pyramid from outside, all you see is one gigantic, perfectly harmonized, solid stone structure. It is really amazing to see all those different stones varied in sizes and shapes were put together to make one solid and harmonized unit. The Great Pyramid has remained intact through earthquakes, floods, and everything around for thousands years.

I find an unlikely inspiration and answer for my marriage in the structural design theory the ancient Egyptians used in building the pyramids. Like the pyramid which became one solid unit as a result of stones shaped and sized differently were put together compatibly, we can build one solid marriage unit by using the differences, we, two individuals, behold as a strength for the foundation of a marriage, instead of seeing our differences as an adversity and forcing each other to make one as the same as the other. If we could successfully use one’s own unique personalities to complete one another, then, our marriage will be one solid unit which will remain intact through any good or bad times like those Egypt pyramids have proved. We may have differences but at the core of our together life, we will come out as one solid heart and spirit under a harmonized marriage structure.

To our convenience, Cairo has the Burmese embassy which means we can perform our marriage in our own country’s territory and under our own country’s rules and regulations even though we married outside the country. We decided that is it. On that same day, phone calls to the Burmese embassy, Egyptian travel agencies and visa sessions, and to our parents  were done, and our deliberate decision was constantly made to get married in the land where our marriage principles were inspired, with the consents of our parents.

 One of my friends comments on our choice of wedding place like this.

 Yes – that is how we rolled it. I guess God does not want us to follow to a conventional path. For that, we don’t complain. We feel we are very grateful. 🙂