We are JUST MARRIED in Cairo, Egypt

by letsgohandinhand

JUST MARRIED. THE DAY finally comes. It took us almost eight years. As I posted it on my facebook, we were having a moment of happiness beyond words. Our married was performed by the Ambassador at the Burmese Embassy in Cairo, Egypt on the early morning of the St. Valentine’s Day followed up by the wedding lunch with all the embassy members and families, and members of Burmese community in Cairo. After that, we headed to the Nile river and spent our evening by taking a Felucca ride (Egyptian traditional sail boat ride) along the Nile river. We enjoyed the view of Cairo skyline and  sunset from the sail boat.

As we took neither help nor service for a private coach, we were running on the streets in our wedding suits and dress, and with flowers to get things and taxis, people on the streets and on the buses shouted it out to us and cheered us. Old Egyptian men on the streets stopped us. They held our hands and offered their blessings. Cars passing by pressed horns and waved at us. It was such a very beautiful and awesome day. We are still in shock – everything is so amazing and perfect – far exceeded what we could dream of.

Next day – we were on our tour trip to our honeymoon to the Pyramids in Giza and exploring other historic monuments.