Thingyan and Love Memories

by letsgohandinhand

It is Thingyan time back in our country, which is the annual water festival for the new year celebrations. Traditionally, throwing water each other, and making Thingyan foods and sharing them with friends and neighbors, are part of the celebrations. Thingyan is my favorite traditional festivals of a year.

We also have another reason to celebrate – today is our 2nd month wedding anniversary. Part of our celebrations for the New Year festival and our anniversary, my husband and I made Moh-lone (sticky rice balls with toddy sweet inside), which is one of the traditional Thingyan foods. This is the 2nd time we could celebrate Thingyan festival together. The 1st time was eight years ago at the time our romance started blossoming, but we had not become boyfriend and girlfriend yet.

I remember the 1st Thingyan we were together. Mg, who was already back in our village, called me a few days before the festival to check when I was coming back home for the New Year break and told me he would like to take out for a dinner as his belated birthday celebration. I arrived back home on the pre-day of Thingyan. On that late afternoon, mg visited me and asked my parents if he could take me for a dinner. His request came totally out of blue to my parents who did not expect anyone could come up and asked their daughter for a date. They were out of words how to response the situation. So, I quickly stepped in and requested them “Let me go out with him for some tea and I will be back very shortly.” Without waiting for their consent, I jumped on the backseat of mg’s motorcycle. My mum who got recovered from the shock responded- “why don’t you just take another motor cycle and let your sister drive you there?” I was already on mg’s bike. So, I response – “Mum, it is alright. I will be back in 15 minutes.” I had to glim mg  to drive off. I know my parents were not happy going out on the backseat of a young man’s motorcycle (actually, it is just a scooter. we call it motorcycle). That was also my 1st time getting a drive on the backseat of a man who is not my relative. We quickly had noodle salad on a road-side shop at the village next to ours and came back. However, Mg and I were very excited for getting that little chance to drive around for the first time and children throwing water to us. It was quite hard to hide the grin on our faces until mg drove me back home where I found my family at the dinning table ready for the dinner. I was dying to share my delight – however, nobody looked at me and asked me what I ate. So, I sat in and ate with them. In less than five minutes, I found my attempts to make things look normal met epic failure. Everybody quickly ate and left. Me and my grandma were the only ones left at the table. I knew my family well. They were not really mad at me but, they were just not ready for it yet. I jokingly asked my grandma – ‘how do you think (about the situation)?” My grandma smiled me back.

When I called home this evening for the New Year greetings and to let them know we were also having a good time celebrating Thingyan together in Dubai. My mum asked with whom you made Mote-lone (which normally make and celebrate with many friends), I just say – with mg, just two of us. My mom repeated my answer to everyone else. And, I heard everyone’s laughs over the telephone this time after eight years. 🙂