Sweet for Heart

by letsgohandinhand

Gulab jumun, one famous Indian sweet, is  the one motivates me to do yoga these days. I give myself one of it as a reward for every 20 minutes of yoga I do. 😀 Back in Yangon, on our anniversary days, Mg took me out for dinner at my favorite small restaurant – Ya-Khaing-Hta-Min Saing (one of the Burmese ethnic foods.) After dinner, on the way back to the bus stop, he usually had me – indian sweets at the shop near Sule Pagoda, which I love a lot. However, at that time, even indian sweets were a bit expensive for this ever-budget couple. May be, he has been sorry he could not let me have as much as I wanted. Now, on our previous anniversary, he got me two 1kg boxes of gulab jamun – with a little note – “you can have as much as you love and I’ll have more for you.” Every evening, he would ask me, “have you had your gulab jum today?” Now, I can’t blame him for this gulab jumun belly i ended up getting rather than a babe belly. Those are really delicious.