A Picture To Remember

by letsgohandinhand

The pics of my husband and me we took eight years ago – on the day exactly one month we were in our relationship. We took pics of each other to mark our one-month anniversary. And, I gave a printed copy of my pic to him before he had to leave Yangon in a few days after. When moving one computer to another, I lost both his color version pic and the picture of mine. Luckily, I found his printed copy of mine he kept with other letters I wrote to him. Here, I put them together – a bit awkward. Anyway, we are going to celebrate the 95th month anniversary of our relationship next week and now, we have been married for three months. The last eight years have not been so easy for us. However, that just makes us more appreciative in each other and precious every single second and every little thing we can do together now. And, we just feel not enough to have for each other and  just so happy to have each other with such a great degree of love and respect. Love is such an incredible and such a beautiful thing. So, every day, we feel like we get more – which is great. 🙂