A Song Keyed to My Heart

by letsgohandinhand

The song opened my heart. Eventually, it has led us to this moment – together life. We both grew up at the same village and went to the same high school. However, we did not hit it off until we met again in Yangon in 2004. I was working as a newspaper reporter in Yangon, and Mg just came back from Malaysia after being accepted by a college in the United States. He was in town while working on his application process for his U.S. student visa.  Whenever he wanted to talk about his visa documents, he often stopped by at my office and sometime, he waited outside until my news reports were done for a day. Then, we often hang out and talked about his papers over the dinner at some street shops.

One day, he came with this MLTR music album cassette tape in a plastic bag and requested me to listen to one song and translated it for him. As I was about to go out for an interview appointment, I asked him to leave the tape and I could do it when I got back home. He said it was fine. And, the way he asked me was sincere and with respect, and I found nothing out of the ordinary to occur me to look at what the song was about until later that day I got back to my room. I took out the tape out of the bag and I found out – the song he wanted me to listen to was “You took my heart away”. I also found the lyric text inside the box. Come on – I was already 21 at that time. So, I got it as soon as I saw the song title.

However, his romance interest came totally out of the blue. At that time, my thoughts for him was – I like him because he dares to take the challenges for his aim, smart, very hard working, and always planning something, but not as a romantic interest (May be b’coz his boyish face (not that “handsome” look he got today) did not do him any favor. :P) Nevertheless, I found the way he approached me was sweet because he had never ever had any flirty behavior shown to me, and I find nothing in his behavior which lacks respect and seriousness. And, the lyric was sweet. I was like – leave it for now. When the time came up calling me for a serious thought on that matter, I will do it.

Our little bonding went on. And, he came and visited me often (yes, more often than before. On some days  – twice a day.) And then, gradually, I felt more relaxed having him around. Naturally, he is a reserved and shy person, but, when the guard was out, his more funny side was out. He started telling jokes to me and opening up everything to me. And also, I could not ignore his efforts trying to know me better and actively communicating to find a better common ground on the differences we had.

A couple of months later – he brought back about the song and this time, he sang the song by himself to me, and I told him he sang it better (which I was obviously biased.) And, a few days later, he proposed me. That was more than eight years ago. Today – here, we are, a  happily married couple for four months so far. 😀

And, I will keep the tape to show our children one day. Technology has changed things so fast, but what technology or any other things can’t change or make it disappear is true love for one another – it will remain and still stand against the test of time and space, and technology development.