A Love Story

by letsgohandinhand

Eight Year Anniversary

It was the majestic eight. We were a happily married couple of four months living in Dubai. As my anniversary gift to mg, I put things together in this blog. On our anniversary evening, without making a call to me, Mg came back home from work earlier than he usually did to make me surprised with a cute cake. We ate dinner and cake. Mg took me out for an evening walk and had ice-cream at my favorite shop in town. Once we got back home, he read me out all what I had written about us on this blog while feeding each other all the left over cake before the semi final Euro 2012 soccer match – Spain Vs Portugal was on. After the a bit boring 90 +  extra 30 minutes game and penalty shoot out, our pick, Spain, won. Our celebrations went on. 🙂

Seventh Year Anniversary

As I was a bit stressed out looking for an internship in D.C., Mg tried to cheer me up with a little touch of jewelry. He sent a pearl necklace as his anniversary gift for me. It does work – the first and only necklace I have. 🙂

Sixth Year Anniversary

Our 6th year anniversary came in the summer of 2010. I was in Poultney, Vermont and working as a student library assistant on campus during my summer break. People know Vermont’s fall time is so beautiful with the mountains covering with all those colorful maple leaves. Vermont’s summer is also equally magnificent with  green, green, grass fields and flowering plants. On our anniversary morning, I took a jog around the school’s farm. Small lanes of the farm were covered with all these beautiful and colorful little wild flowers. I went back to my room to get a camera so that my boyfriend can also see such a splendid beauty the nature give us. Even though I am not a professional photographer, with all these little wild flowers, the pic looks so perfect. Mg, who thought I did not wake up yet, was waiting on line for the time I woke up. When I showed up on and showed him the pictures I got, he felt so touched. Yes, – to make our anniversaries perfect, all we need is just ‘love’ and nothing else. 🙂

70th Month Anniversary

Our 70th month anniversary. I don’t remember which date it was exactly. But,  it was during one of my exam weeks. I could not spare time to do something neat. So, I just took a break for a few seconds from my exam week stress, and with the color pens I had, I got this for my boyfriend just to show my love for him. Cute, huh?? 😀

Four and Half Years Anniversary

We celebrated our four and half years anniversary on December 27, 2008. I remembered that it was during my Christmas break and there was a snow storm outside, and I was stuck in my college dorm room alone in Vermont. All I have were some Hershey’s Kisses and Hugs chocolates. I put them together and got this  picture for my boyfriend (who becomes now my husband) who was in Dubai. Nothing special, but becomes  something special when you put them with your hearts and the one who receives adores it.