Shopping Clinics in Myanmar

Every time we meet friends or acquaintance these days, the opening greeting words we usually get is – “when are you guys going to have baby? Soon?”  I often respond with a joke that I have not found the clinic (or doctors) and school good enough for my kids yet in Yangon.

I say it like a joke but in fact, that is what I am concerned most. We are not planning to conceive – not yet right now. However, for the last two years, I have been visiting clinics and listening to people’s recommendation and reviewing the CVs of some OGs.  At the same time, I have been taking all preparatory steps and necessary measures – taking vaccines, regular medical checkups, and now, committing myself taking regular exercises.

If you are just finding the most expensive and most popular clinics and celebrity alike OGs and if you define them as “the best”, you can easily find them. That is not what we are looking for and that is not what we think “the best” for our kids.  What we are looking for is –basic and simple quality a clinic and a medical doctor should possess – “professionalism, care, and ability a patient’s concern and needs are well taken into consideration, and that patients were and clearly consulted in each complicated medical process”, but we just could not find them yet.

However, my proactive two-year efforts in shopping clinics are not all in vain. I may not find a suitable one yet, but at least I find which are not suitable.

Baby can wait until then! Once things get right, I should be all ready to bear a healthy and happy little one as I can.