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A Song Keyed to My Heart

The song opened my heart. Eventually, it has led us to this moment – together life. We both grew up at the same village and went to the same high school. However, we did not hit it off until we met again in Yangon in 2004. I was working as a newspaper reporter in Yangon, and Mg just came back from Malaysia after being accepted by a college in the United States. He was in town while working on his application process for his U.S. student visa.  Whenever he wanted to talk about his visa documents, he often stopped by at my office and sometime, he waited outside until my news reports were done for a day. Then, we often hang out and talked about his papers over the dinner at some street shops. Read the rest of this entry »


Promise to Eternity

Eight years ago, today, someone whom I now dearly call him ‘mg’ asked me to be his life partner, and to give him seven years to be able to ask my hand from my parents. Considering the fact we were still too young, and our uncertain future ahead we had at that time, it was hard to make such a big commitment. But, a couple of weeks later, I reluctantly answered ‘yes’ and promised him I will wait for him. Passionate courtship was followed up. Through the years, best friendship has developed. Trust and understanding for each other gradually brought one true love in for us. On our eighth anniversary day, we are here in Dubai happily together as a married couple started four months ago. And, nothing else just does not matter.

A Picture To Remember

The pics of my husband and me we took eight years ago – on the day exactly one month we were in our relationship. We took pics of each other to mark our one-month anniversary. And, I gave a printed copy of my pic to him before he had to leave Yangon in a few days after. When moving one computer to another, I lost both his color version pic and the picture of mine. Luckily, I found his printed copy of mine he kept with other letters I wrote to him. Here, I put them together – a bit awkward. Anyway, we are going to celebrate the 95th month anniversary of our relationship next week and now, we have been married for three months. The last eight years have not been so easy for us. However, that just makes us more appreciative in each other and precious every single second and every little thing we can do together now. And, we just feel not enough to have for each other and  just so happy to have each other with such a great degree of love and respect. Love is such an incredible and such a beautiful thing. So, every day, we feel like we get more – which is great. 🙂

Our Thoughts on the Value of Wedding Tradition

Let me share this piece of a letter I wrote to Mg during the early years of our courtship. I did not want him feel burden for any prospect to hold a costly wedding for me. At that time, we were not even engaged yet but we were a committed couple with a plan to tie the knot one day and we often had talks on the wedding plan. In the letter, I clearly said that, when the time we decide to marry, my only request to him was to ask the permission from my parents first. Of course, I want my husband-to-be shows and holds a proper respect to my parents as well. And, I continued in my letter that  new clothes or holding a wedding ceremony are not requisites to make me his wife by saying a simple one with only close family members.

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Sweet for Heart

Gulab jumun, one famous Indian sweet, is  the one motivates me to do yoga these days. I give myself one of it as a reward for every 20 minutes of yoga I do. 😀 Back in Yangon, on our anniversary days, Mg took me out for dinner at my favorite small restaurant – Ya-Khaing-Hta-Min Saing (one of the Burmese ethnic foods.) After dinner, on the way back to the bus stop, he usually had me – indian sweets at the shop near Sule Pagoda, which I love a lot. However, at that time, even indian sweets were a bit expensive for this ever-budget couple. May be, he has been sorry he could not let me have as much as I wanted. Now, on our previous anniversary, he got me two 1kg boxes of gulab jamun – with a little note – “you can have as much as you love and I’ll have more for you.” Every evening, he would ask me, “have you had your gulab jum today?” Now, I can’t blame him for this gulab jumun belly i ended up getting rather than a babe belly. Those are really delicious.

Thingyan and Love Memories

It is Thingyan time back in our country, which is the annual water festival for the new year celebrations. Traditionally, throwing water each other, and making Thingyan foods and sharing them with friends and neighbors, are part of the celebrations. Thingyan is my favorite traditional festivals of a year.

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We Are IN LOVE!!!

We are a bit old-school couple in romance. For us, love comes softly and yes, surely. A couple of weeks before June 27, 2004, Wai Tun declared his love for me and requested for the courtship with the marriage plan in seven years. On that beautiful Sunday of the 27th of June, 2004, I returned my love through a letter I gave him in person.  we walking around the compound. Once we arrived in front of the University’s landmark, Convocation Hall, his request to hold my hand for the first time came this way. “Pls let me. From now on, we are hand in hand!” His words came slowly and softly, and in English. But, I hear it very well and clearly. I smiled at him and gave my hand with a great delight. He took it and held it in his palm gently but, firmly. Yes, since then, I have never felt alone. And, through ups and downs, I always have someone who will walk me through together while holding my hand firmly. Yes, starting from the day of the 27th June of 2004, we officially became the other half of each other. Now, we are counting down to celebrate our eight year anniversary together. 🙂