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A Love Story

Eight Year Anniversary

It was the majestic eight. We were a happily married couple of four months living in Dubai. As my anniversary gift to mg, I put things together in this blog. On our anniversary evening, without making a call to me, Mg came back home from work earlier than he usually did to make me surprised with a cute cake. We ate dinner and cake. Mg took me out for an evening walk and had ice-cream at my favorite shop in town. Once we got back home, he read me out all what I had written about us on this blog while feeding each other all the left over cake before the semi final Euro 2012 soccer match – Spain Vs Portugal was on. After the a bit boring 90 +  extra 30 minutes game and penalty shoot out, our pick, Spain, won. Our celebrations went on. 🙂

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To the love of my life

This is my very first letter to Mg responding his love for me. Unlike that many people would have written in their first love letters, mine is pretty depressing. Since at the very beginning, I knew we did have a long way to go to the point we could settle down and start a together life. Instead of pouring love and all sweet words in it, my letter is full of my concerns for our relationship (which we had not even started it yet). Nevertheless, it does show my seriousness in the relationship we were about to start. I was just reluctant to get myself in a relationship b’coz I knew myself well, if I get in, I will make it work as perfect as possible with all my heart and energy, but, at that time, I was still very young with full of dreams and energy for my own life ahead. I was so afraid of I would have to come out with a broken heart –  disturbing other things I had to do in my life if a relationship did not work out. Neither did I want that the other one felt hurt – if that did not work out just because I put less seriousness. Read the rest of this entry »

Art of LOVE

This post is the collection of the pictures to show the milestones of our together journey from the day we got to know to the day we married.

Simply, we are so blessed. 

We find ‘true love’ in each other. 

‘Love’ makes our lives a lot different.

A lot easier. A lot prettier. 

We are in love EVER. 

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Just showing my committed love for my boyfriend with every possible way. <3.

We Are IN LOVE!!!

We are a bit old-school couple in romance. For us, love comes softly and yes, surely. A couple of weeks before June 27, 2004, Wai Tun declared his love for me and requested for the courtship with the marriage plan in seven years. On that beautiful Sunday of the 27th of June, 2004, I returned my love through a letter I gave him in person.  we walking around the compound. Once we arrived in front of the University’s landmark, Convocation Hall, his request to hold my hand for the first time came this way. “Pls let me. From now on, we are hand in hand!” His words came slowly and softly, and in English. But, I hear it very well and clearly. I smiled at him and gave my hand with a great delight. He took it and held it in his palm gently but, firmly. Yes, since then, I have never felt alone. And, through ups and downs, I always have someone who will walk me through together while holding my hand firmly. Yes, starting from the day of the 27th June of 2004, we officially became the other half of each other. Now, we are counting down to celebrate our eight year anniversary together. 🙂