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We are JUST MARRIED in Cairo, Egypt

JUST MARRIED. THE DAY finally comes. It took us almost eight years. As I posted it on my facebook, we were having a moment of happiness beyond words. Our married was performed by the Ambassador at the Burmese Embassy in Cairo, Egypt on the early morning of the St. Valentine’s Day followed up by the wedding lunch with all the embassy members and families, and members of Burmese community in Cairo. After that, we headed to the Nile river and spent our evening by taking a Felucca ride (Egyptian traditional sail boat ride) along the Nile river. We enjoyed the view of Cairo skyline and  sunset from the sail boat.

As we took neither help nor service for a private coach, we were running on the streets in our wedding suits and dress, and with flowers to get things and taxis, people on the streets and on the buses shouted it out to us and cheered us. Old Egyptian men on the streets stopped us. They held our hands and offered their blessings. Cars passing by pressed horns and waved at us. It was such a very beautiful and awesome day. We are still in shock – everything is so amazing and perfect – far exceeded what we could dream of.

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Today is THE DAY! We just had our last breakfast as the singles just one hour before leaving for the Embassy to get our marriage performed.

At any moment, we will be bride and groom. Here – our pics before we put on our wedding dress and suit. 🙂

Finally, here, us – the bride and groom getting picture taken at the hotel – ready to head out to the embassy.

Wedding in Egypt

Why in Egypt?  That is the first question our friends ask when they first heard we are getting married in Cairo.

My fiance and I have been brainstorming wedding ideas since last summer how we could make our special day beautiful, simple, and intimate. As we both could not go back to our country anytime soon, we decided to get wed at some place and put the family celebration on hold till we both can go back home. It is the only way I could join Mg, my fiance, to Dubai where laws require only married couples can coexist. Read the rest of this entry »

Wedding Planning VIIII

My last day in the United States. I was about to begin a journey to a new chapter of my life. Cora, who is my amazing host family during my stay in Washington D.C, took me this picture – in front of the house before she drove me off at the bus stop. My next stop is New York city. From there, I would catch the flight at JFK airport leaving for Munich and to my final destination, Cairo. I were excited to be united with my fiance and start a together life after years of separation, and, at the same time, feel a bit emotional  to leave this beautiful country and to say goodbyes to all the amazing friends I made during my five years stay.

In two days, the moment we have been counting down for the last seven and half years for will be there. For now, I would like to thank everyone of my friends for their great help and their amazing support throughout my life. Without them, I won’t ever be here. I know for sure I will see you all again, and at that time, I will bring one more friend to you who is my husband. How does that sound? 🙂

Wedding Planning VIII

Counting Down! Three more days to our BIG day! Heart beats are going faster and louder. I got the Egyptian visa yesterday. My fiance is going to get his visa on the afternoon of February 12. Flight tickets are ready. Again, I got the tickets on a bargained price – cheaper than those of budget flights. Yes, God EXISTS! 🙂

Wedding Planning VII

We are going to hold our nuptials a week from today. Finally, our matching rings are delivered. I wanted a very tiny and cute gold ring, but my fiance wants simple plain rings which could last forever. Here – we got them – not so small, and not so big. The rings’  engraved words read:

On my ring 

❤ WT (initials of my fiance’s name) to infinity and beyond

On my fiance’s ring

❤ WP (initials of my name) to infinity and beyond. 

Yes, our love to infinity and beyond.

Wedding Planning VI

Even for a small wedding – only two people, we still need to do some planning and shopping. Luckily, we took the advantage of the Christmas and New Year sales season. See – I got everything I need. How neat all the items we need are on sale or on clearance (50 to 70 %  discount) and we like them too! It is like God sent these for us to make our wedding beautifully happened with our tight budget. 🙂

1. Pls meet this tiny cute vintage bronze box I got from an Tibetan souvenir store in Washington D.C. We can use it as a rings holder. How do you think? 🙂

2. Suited and Booted and Dresses, and some accessories 🙂

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Virtual Shopping

Since the sales season of Dubai ends before I arrive there, I have been up late these days and doing a virtual shopping with my fiance who’s been busy apartment hunting, and household and kitchenware shopping. Many newly wed or soon-to-be-wed couples woulddo it while holding hands of their beloveds. For him, he has to do it while holding a phone and taking pictures so that I can also see and we can compare prices and check the capacity we would need. Even at this awkward situation, he stays upbeat – saying his experience – “willoo yay, it is so incredible, isn’t it?” Here is a pic of a room he is looking at and a pic of some Turkish plates he sent since I like patterned ceramics.

Indeed, we have more fun than we thought and things have been going well except one thing – the other day he found one apartment nice with a reasonable rental fee rate – he wanted me to see it before he decided to take. He waited until I arrived back from work and plus the time difference – it took longer than the agent could wait and gave it to another one. So, I told him – we missed it b’coz we are meant to get a nicer one with a cheaper rate. He says – “Oh Yeah. That’s right.” 😀

Wedding Planning IV

 Meet Our Wedding Planner


Don’t get shocked. It is just an pocket sized organizer. Yes, our wedding planner. 🙂

That is how we arranged our two-souls wedding!! We started with these two committed souls. Here, two pages of the planning process for our wedding which would be held at the Myanmar embassy in Cairo, Egypt, on February 14, 2012.

We got almost all we need. Ready to roll. Super excited. 😀


Our request to the Myanmar Embassy in Cairo, Egypt to perform our marriage at the embassy has been approved. With the consents and blessings of our parents, we are going to hold our wedding on the St. Valentine’s Day, 14th February, 2012 in Cairo, Egypt, which is far away from our home town in Myanmar. Our marriage will be performed in the presence of the Myanmar Ambassador, H.E U Tin Yu, and other officials of the embassy. As our parents and friends are not able to be with us, our two souls will be the one and only witnesses when the time we get married. As it will be a just two-soul wedding, instead of using a more conventional way to announce our wedding – placing public ads in newspapers or using wedding invitation cards,  we announced our nuptial plan through a new media platform, facebook, on January 14, 2012.  We got many friends ‘like’ our post and leave their wishes and comments on it for us. It was such a great and amazing moment to see so many friends take time and drop their wishes for us. Thank you very much, all of our dear friends, every single word you wrote are so amazing and so precious for us. Thank you.